Three of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

If there is one thing that differentiates celebrities from regular folks, it is their wealth and how do they have loads of money to splash around. I mean how else do you know if a person is rich and famous right?!

Celebrities cannot help to show off their wealth, I guess it comes with the territory, from expensive gold chains to custom made diamond wristwatches and flashy sports cars. You name it, they have it all!

However, one luxury that most celebrities are particularly proud of is their homes. A celebrity crib is their pride and joy, it is where a lot of their fortune is spent and lavishly if I can say so myself. Here are three of the most expensive celebrity homes you probably did not know about.

Counting down from the least expensive home at number one, we have.

1. Jerry Seinfeld’s $32 Million Mansion in the Hamptons, New York

Jerry Seinfeld house New York

Heard about the Jerry Seinfeld show? Well, this hugely popular TV show shot Jerry Seinfeld to the limelight of the entertainment industry and also shot up his wealth. Continue reading Three of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes