It’s You Vs Salman Khan in the Battlefield of Combatting Receding Hairline

You there, are you a fan of Salman Khan? Yes? No? Not a big deal; but you must have come across the news of him getting a Salman Khan’s hair transplant back in the year 2005.

Salman Khan's hair transplant

No? Okay, tell me a thing, have you been suffering the problem of receding hairline? Yes? The problem of receding hairline is extremely common with men, and in certain cases, women too.

But there is nothing to be felt ashamed of. Why? Come on, if a tinsel town biggie can handle the problem with that much patience, risk and ease, then as a common man, you can do that too. The news about Salman Khan getting a hair transplant done made rounds in the media back in the years 2003 to 2005.

It is obvious his (balding) head was filled with many questions, like would his fans be able to accept him like before? Would it affect his (Tubelight like; pun intended!) shining career in Bollywood? Salman did not waste a minute after getting bugged by these obvious questions that enraged him at that time. Instead, he gathered the confidence to run to the clinic of a cosmetic surgeon who is known to have dealt with the receding hairline of many other celebrities including Hollywood in past.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Celebrities

If you ask the name of the cosmetic expert my friend, then let me tell you one thing, the world of cosmetic surgery, especially if it involves a treatment of any celebrity, is extremely foggy or shady. Whenever any celebrity visits the clinic to get a medical aid, it becomes a matter of tight security.

Since the information are kept in tightly wrapped files (as if it is some sort of nuclear blue print) not much details can be extracted in the subject. After a successful treatment back in the year 2005, the news of Salman Khan’s hair transplant made the headlines with visible scars on his head; scars that proved that he had already taken care of his problem.

If you are an ardent fan of Salman Khan and (try to) keep each and every records your on screen (to some extent off-screen) hero, then you must be well aware of the fact that during the time between 2007 and 2013, he made many trips to Dubai.

Unconfirmed resources say that, his receding hairline was treated by an American cosmetologist, which futher favored the winds to move in the direction Salman Khan Hair Transplant. The sources also say that for the Salman Khan’s  hair transplant, he did not want natural hair to be woven into his scalp; instead, he wanted a patch of natural fibers to be rooted inside his scalp as new follicles. This complicated feat was successfully achieved by his expert after many restoration procedures.

The money he had to spend for this procedure are estimated to be millions, but hey! He is THE Salman Khan, money may matters to him, but mostly in the luxurious aspects. If he can spend tons of money in producing movies that showcases his unique ways of acting, then he can also spend millions to mend and maintain his globally acclaimed look, after all he is indeed the 7th Sexiest superstar of Asia, and perhaps, the world.

Hair transplant for you and I, the mango people, the aam aadmi…

The commoners like you and me can only dream of visiting Dubai, that too, only for availing huge discounts at its prestigious shopping festival; and if we get the time to think of treating our receding hairlines, we can get hold of the certified cosmetologists whose clinics are found at every nook and corner of our locality.

Money matters to us as well, but spending it after luxurious extravagance, umm…let me think…actually at that time also, we get worried about the monthly bills that we have to clear just after our salary is credited into our bank accounts. We all want quality services in as less amount of money as it can be achieved. This is the basic characteristic of us, the commoners.

We do not feel the need of being spendthrift, especially when it comes to treating the faults of our appearance, if it does not affect us (or people around us, such is the sad irony!). The fact of Salman Khan’s hair transplant inspires us to a great extent.

We are Salman Khan in our own little world, and receding hairline? We can just ‘KICK’ them out from bothering our day-to-day activities, just like Salman does, on the giant silver screen.

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