Three of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

If there is one thing that differentiates celebrities from regular folks, it is their wealth and how do they have loads of money to splash around. I mean how else do you know if a person is rich and famous right?!

Celebrities cannot help to show off their wealth, I guess it comes with the territory, from expensive gold chains to custom made diamond wristwatches and flashy sports cars. You name it, they have it all!

However, one luxury that most celebrities are particularly proud of is their homes. A celebrity crib is their pride and joy, it is where a lot of their fortune is spent and lavishly if I can say so myself. Here are three of the most expensive celebrity homes you probably did not know about.

Counting down from the least expensive home at number one, we have.

1. Jerry Seinfeld’s $32 Million Mansion in the Hamptons, New York

Jerry Seinfeld house New York

Heard about the Jerry Seinfeld show? Well, this hugely popular TV show shot Jerry Seinfeld to the limelight of the entertainment industry and also shot up his wealth.

Known as an avid fan of baseball, his impressive mansion located in the Hamptons, New York comes with its very own standard baseball field, the mansion has several bedrooms, bathrooms, Jacuzzis, a game room and large swimming pool. These and many more perks make the Seinfeld home one of the most expensive celebrity homes out there.

2. The Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner’s $54 Million, Los Angeles, California Home

Hugh Hefner house Los Angeles

Everyone knows about the Playboy Mansion, every young lady wants to be a Playboy playmate and every guy dreams of spending a night out at the mansion with beautiful blonde girls at their beck and call. Stuff of dreams right?!

Hugh Hefner struck gold with his hugely popular playboy magazines and built an unbelievable mansion in Los Angeles, California. The mansion comes in at number two of the most expensive celebrity homes and it is equipped with an exquisite wine cellar, massive swimming pool, tennis courts, and a large game room. The Playboy Mansion also has an exotic zoo, waterfalls, and an aviary.

3. Finally At Number Three Is Oprah Winfrey’s, $85 Million Montecito, California Mansion

Oprah Winfrey California Mansion

To emphasize the level of success and wealth the Oprah Winfrey Show had given her. Oprah who ran a hugely success talk show spanning 25 years, from 1986 to 2011 built a massive six (6) bedroom mansion in Montecito, California with fourteen (14) bathrooms, ten (10) fireplaces, a standard movie cinema, and an expansive man-made lake for her large collection of exotic fish.

Also known for her philanthropy and good hearted nature, Oprah’s mansion comes in at number three of the most expensive celebrity homes.

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