Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After

Leona Lewis Nose Job

Almost overnight, plastic surgery has been popularized by celebrities all over the world. In an industry where talent and good looks are the necessary ingredients for success, it is no wonder that plastic surgery is growing in popularity since that first nose job in the 80′s that transformed Maryline Monroe’s look and catapulted her to fame.

Even though technology and scientific developments have brought more options to the table, celebrities continue to embrace more traditional methods such as rhinoplasty or nose job to enhance their looks. Leona Lewis is one of the celebrities that may or may not have undergone a nose surgery to improve their looks.

Catapult to fame

Leona Lewis came to the limelight when she worn the third season of the X-factor in 2006. Her voice and attractive looks quickly made her a favourite to many watching the show; her popularity has only grown since then especially after the release of her first album. The singer, known for her Bleeding love song, has had different overhauls in the recent past all targeted to improving her already good looks.

Rumours of a plastic surgery procedure

More recently, Leona Lewis name has hit the headlines and not because of her wonderful singing voice; because of her new body. Seemingly slimmer, the star who rocked tight curls now sports straight hair with a deep font fringe in a darker than usual colour making her look amazing. Leona’s spokesperson attributes the new look to the new fashion that Leona is trying to launch in the near future. However, this look has raised a few eyebrows with what seems to be a subtle nose job, which is very difficult to detect.

Reaction to the rumours

Even the rumours have been flying; there have been confirmations from Leona Lewis end. Leona, who is naturally a private person who prefers private stuff to remain private, has not shed any light on the matter. However, her spokesperson has trashed the rumours claiming there is no truth to them and that Leona’s different look is all because of the new hairstyle and make up. True to that, Leona has been sporting some different eye catching outfits said to be part of her collection that will be unveiled soon; the singer does have other talents and has turned to designing.

Can a nose surgery affect her voice?

However, there has been a concern regarding Leona Lewis nose job; specialists say that a nose job will have effects on Leona’s voice and a nose job would be unthinkable on her part. Many fans also feel that Leona does not need a nose job as she is already a real beauty.

Whether the rumours of Leona Lewis nose job are true or not, we are not likely to be reading or hearing of any confessions from the singer/designer. However, one thing we are sure of is that a nose job on this celebrity will not take her into stardom like in Maryline Monroe’s case; she is already a star across the world and only her talent can take her further that she has already gone.

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