Did Kate Winslet Have a Plastic Surgery?

Kate Winslet’s Plastic Surgery has gained quite some attention and generated a lot of animosity in Hollywood. For those that haven’t remembered her yet, she is the British beauty who made the world to fall in love with her role in Titanic, in which she played the beloved Rose.

Kate Winslet

Apart from her vivacious curvy figure, she is also well known for her firm stand against many form of plastic surgery.

To further push her cause, Kate has with support of other well-known actress formed the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League. She has been very outspoken on this issue, which it has even ended up creating some animosity from supporters of cosmetic surgery, especially when it seems that she might had some work done herself.

One big problem is that Kate has had an ever-changing reason against plastic surgery. She earlier stated that she was very much against plastic surgery. Later on, she commented to being “curious” about different plastic surgeries that would make her husband angry, just for considering them. Finally, she stated that there are some procedures, such as Botox injections, that should not be considered as “cosmetic”.

Maybe this is the reason why she has gotten a lot of attention or maybe it is because of the difference in her nose appearance today, as compared to the way it did some time back in films that she was featured in. (More examples)

I do not wish to discredit Mrs. Winslet, quite the contrary, I think she is a very beautiful and classy woman who has had an excellent carrier without ever changing a thing, unlike may Hollywood actresses we have seen.

Kate has become a beacon of hope, showing the world the place curvy women hold in Hollywood, and that you don’t have to be shaped like a stick to make a career in the film industry as an actress. However, if Kate had some work done, then it will be very hypocritical of her to speak down on actresses who have admitted to having some work done.

The big question then becomes, did she have a nose job? Whether she had a rhinoplasty, it is extremely difficult to determine since the changes to her face are very subtle. Some surgeons have indicated that the changes may be as a result of aging. Despite, this expert advice, a look at Kate’s nose in 1998 show that it was rounder in the tip and the nostrils.

However, the bridge has not changed. This indicates that the work done was extremely minute. Looking at her today with a keen eye, you will soon realize that the nostrils have become narrower and smaller and the tip no longer drops. Moreover, it has quite a distinct heart-shape.

We are now left to wonder whether if it is the work of an excellent make-up artist or a trick by the lighting. In my opinion, Mrs. Winslet did have a minor nose job. Furthermore, celebrities often do not admit to have undergone cosmetic surgeries. Whether or not she did have a procedure done, Kate’s nose looks different and more appealing.

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