It’s You Vs Salman Khan in the Battlefield of Combatting Receding Hairline

You there, are you a fan of Salman Khan? Yes? No? Not a big deal; but you must have come across the news of him getting a Salman Khan’s hair transplant back in the year 2005.

Salman Khan's hair transplant

No? Okay, tell me a thing, have you been suffering the problem of receding hairline? Yes? The problem of receding hairline is extremely common with men, and in certain cases, women too.

But there is nothing to be felt ashamed of. Why? Come on, if a tinsel town biggie can handle the problem with that much patience, risk and ease, then as a common man, you can do that too. The news about Salman Khan getting a hair transplant done made rounds in the media back in the years 2003 to 2005. Continue reading It’s You Vs Salman Khan in the Battlefield of Combatting Receding Hairline

Did Kate Winslet Have a Plastic Surgery?

Kate Winslet’s Plastic Surgery has gained quite some attention and generated a lot of animosity in Hollywood. For those that haven’t remembered her yet, she is the British beauty who made the world to fall in love with her role in Titanic, in which she played the beloved Rose.

Kate Winslet

Apart from her vivacious curvy figure, she is also well known for her firm stand against many form of plastic surgery.

To further push her cause, Kate has with support of other well-known actress formed the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League. She has been very outspoken on this issue, which it has even ended up creating some animosity from supporters of cosmetic surgery, especially when it seems that she might had some work done herself. Continue reading Did Kate Winslet Have a Plastic Surgery?

Smokey Robinson’s Glory In Music

Most celebrities have had very difficult childhoods. In fact, most of them wonder just how the tables turned to their advantage. While for others it was good luck, others struggled to be where they are.

One of the stars who rose from grass to grace is Smokey Robinson. The popular musician was born into a poor family and was brought up by a generous elder sister and her husband after the death of his mother from a brain hemorrhage.

Smokey Robinson

At school, Smokey Joe; as he was nicknamed by his uncle, stayed above average academically. While at Northern High School, the adolescent boy then was a very astute athlete, though his love for music was unquestionable as well. Continue reading Smokey Robinson’s Glory In Music