Did Kate Winslet Have a Plastic Surgery?

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet’s Plastic Surgery has gained quite some attention and generated a lot of animosity in Hollywood. For those that haven’t remembered her yet, she is the British beauty who made the world to fall in love with her role in Titanic, in which she played the beloved Rose. Apart from her vivacious curvy figure, she is also well known for her firm stand against many form of plastic surgery. To further push her cause, Kate has with support of other well-known actress formed the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League. She has been very outspoken on this issue, which it has even ended up creating some animosity from supporters of cosmetic surgery, especially when it seems that she might had some work done herself.

One big problem is that Kate has had an ever-changing reason against plastic surgery. She earlier stated that she was very much against plastic surgery. Later on, she commented to being “curious” about different plastic surgeries that would make her husband angry, just for considering them. Finally, she stated that there are some procedures, such as Botox injections, that should not be considered as “cosmetic”. Maybe this is the reason why she has gotten a lot of attention or maybe it is because of the difference in her nose appearance today, as compared to the way it did some time back in films that she was featured in. (More examples)

I do not wish to discredit Mrs. Winslet, quite the contrary, I think she is a very beautiful and classy woman who has had an excellent carrier without ever changing a thing, unlike may Hollywood actresses we have seen. Kate has become a beacon of hope, showing the world the place curvy women hold in Hollywood, and that you don’t have to be shaped like a stick to make a career in the film industry as an actress. However, if Kate had some work done, then it will be very hypocritical of her to speak down on actresses who have admitted to having some work done.

The big question then becomes, did she have a nose job? Whether she had a rhinoplasty, it is extremely difficult to determine since the changes to her face are very subtle. Some surgeons have indicated that the changes may be as a result of aging. Despite, this expert advice, a look at Kate’s nose in 1998 show that it was rounder in the tip and the nostrils. However, the bridge has not changed. This indicates that the work done was extremely minute. Looking at her today with a keen eye, you will soon realize that the nostrils have become narrower and smaller and the tip no longer drops. Moreover, it has quite a distinct heart-shape.

We are now left to wonder whether if it is the work of an excellent make-up artist or a trick by the lighting. In my opinion, Mrs. Winslet did have a minor nose job. Furthermore, celebrities often do not admit to have undergone cosmetic surgeries. Whether or not she did have a procedure done, Kate’s nose looks different and more appealing.

Smokey Robinson’s Glory In Music

Most celebrities have had very difficult childhoods. In fact, most of them wonder just how the tables turned to their advantage. While for others it was good luck, others struggled to be where they are. One of the stars who rose from grass to grace is Smokey Robinson. The popular musician was born into a poor family and was brought up by a generous elder sister and her husband after the death of his mother from a brain hemorrhage.

Smokey Robinson

At school, Smokey Joe; as he was nicknamed by his uncle, stayed above average academically. While at Northern High School, the adolescent boy then was a very astute athlete, though his love for music was unquestionable as well. He therefore formed the Five Chimes doo woo group. One of his acquaintances was Diana Ross who lived just a few blocks from where he stayed. He says he knew Ross when she was about eight years.

His greatest inspiration was from the group Nolan Strong & the Diablos. Another was Billy Ward and his Dominoes whose music was played on the radio. He formed a line up with childhood friends Ronald White and Pete Moore who doubled as a classmate. After two years, they were renamed Matadors and incorporated Bobby Rogers. One member was replaced by Bobby Rogers’ cousin Claudette Rogers. Sometime in 1958, Marv Tarplin joined the group as a guitarist. After touring Detroit venues, they changed the group name to Miracles.

William Robinson Jr. was born in 1940 in the north end area of Detroit. When he was 17, he met songwriter Berry Gordy. This was soon after a failed audition during a Brunswick Recording episode. Gordy was very much impressed by Robinson’s vocals as well as his song writing prowess. Miracles produced their first single, Get A Job, with the help of Smokey Robinson. It was at this time that Robinson had started taking lessons in Electrical Engineering but had to drop out following the single’s release.

When Gordy formed Tamla Records that was later on incorporated into Motown, Miracles was one of the first groups to sign to the label. Their first hit single was Shop Around. It became a multi-million selling hit record. Between 1960 and 1970, he produced 26 hits with Miracles. During the time, he was the lead singer, producer and songwriter. Some of their top hits include Mickey’s Monkey, Baby Baby Don’t Cry, You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me, Tears of a Clown and Going to A Go-Go among others.

He married Claudette Rogers in 1959 and together they got two children namely Berry Robinson, a boy, and Tamla Robinson, a daughter. He had another son from an affair with another woman. After admitting this, he filed for separation from his wife. After his second separation, he wrote the song The Agony & The Ecstasy. He was also very considerate of his diet and lifestyle during his early adult life. However, he became addicted to marijuana in his late twenties. He also got addicted to cocaine and crack due to his marital problems and the death of his dad. While he has taken a break off music, his fame can still be felt. His name is inscribed on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

Beside beauty, the hair of an individual involves a number of other characteristics like the personality and the attitude of a person. When a person does a hairstyle and the outcome is good and they know it is good, they will feel confident in themselves and you would expect that they have a raised self esteem.

There are factors that determine what the outcome of a hairstyle is bound to be. The hair texture, the length of the hair and the shape of the face are among the factors that should be looked into.

The short and layered vibrant hairstyle is one that turns out greatly and will definitely turn heads. The process involved in pulling out this hairstyle is a short one and is not very costly. The hair should be washed and left to dry. After it has dried, a styling wax or glue should be applied in order to pull the hair in the position that it should be in. the use of wax is often convenient because it allows you to style the hair later on if it pleases you to do so. Photos – 53 Latest Layered Hairstyles Photos for Short, Medium and Long Hair

The short and shaggy layered cut is another hairstyle that could give great results. This hairstyle however, just like any other hairstyle requires that one considers a number of factors. Medium length hair, hair that is still not very long though should be perfect for this hairstyle.

shaggy layered cut

Just like Mohawk hairstyles for women are suited for round faces and heart shaped faces, so is this hairstyle. For the styling, all you need is a smoothing product and a flat iron. One should however ensure that the hair is dry before flat ironing it. A finishing spray should then be used to bring out the extra hold and polish to the hair.

Mohawk hairstyles

Short razor – cut layered hairstyles also look great with certain women. Slight asymmetry may also add touch to the beauty of a person. This hairstyle can work out for a variety of faces but give the best results with the longer faces.

Short razor cut layered hairstyles

There is an asymmetry along the front with longer bangs which may confuse the eye and make a face which is longer appear shorter than it actually is. To make it, you need to apply a heat protecting product then you blow dry it with the fingers. Smooth out any waves that may have appeared using a flat iron. For a piece-y styling, apply a pomade or wax.

Black women hairstyle trends for 2015-2016 do not have a lot of the layered short hairstyles. These hairstyles give perfect results with the white women. Smooth and chick short layered haircuts are also in the list of some of the sexiest hairstyles. It is a smooth and sophisticated hairstyle that could be worked out into various different styles. The smooth version works perfectly with an oval face. It can also work with most of the other faces depending on how your stylist finishes it. The layered hairstyles are preferred by many because they are easy to pull out and the maintenance is not very involving.

Dolly Parton Says Her Marriage is a Success

Fans are used to media stories of celebrities and stormy marriages. Most of their unions hardly ever last a couple of years. In fact, some celebrities have been married more than three or four times. This makes it a little surprising when any of them admits openly they are enjoying a marriage after a number of years together. It is hard to tell if this is just a public stunt or one way of getting a pat on the back for something that is not real. All the same, people have to take them by their words if after so many years together, they can still share the same roof.

Dolly Parton recently said in an interview with the People Magazine that her marriage to Carl Thomas has been successful for a number of reasons. Could it be one – Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery – One of the First One to Do It

Dolly Parton after surgery

Dolly Parton after surgery

She got married to him when she was 20 and he was 23. She says their successful marriage can be attributed to Carl’s great sense of humor. He is also full of surprises that have kept them tight for the last 47 years they have been together. Although he remains private, she says he is a very good husband to her.

Born Dolly Rebecca Parton in 1946, the American musician began singing at a very tender age of 10. She is well known for her country music, though there are collaborations she has done with other musicians of other genres. At the age of 13, she was recording singles and could also perform on radio. Her rise to prominence came in 1967 when she featured on Porter Wagoner’s weekly TV program. Their duet, “The Last Thing on My Mind”, became an instant hit, staying on top ten charts for some time.

Dolly Parton has achieved 25 certified RIAA gold and multi-platinum awards. 25 of her songs have reached number 1 on the Billboard Charts, a huge achievement for a female musician. She has 8 Grammy Awards to her name, 2 Academy Nominations, 10 Country Music Awards and 3 American Music Awards. She is also one of the 7 female musicians to have ever bagged the prestigious Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the year.

Dolly Parton with husband

Dolly Parton with husband

Apart from singing, she is also an instrumentalist, actress, author, philanthropist and songwriter. She has starred in a number of movies namely; Whorehouse in Texas, A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Unlikely Angel, Blue Valley Songbird among others. She is also famous for her various hairstyles – http://celebrityabc.com/dolly-parton-hairstyles-…-funny

When she was only ten, she appeared on The Cas Walker Show. There are a number of singles she produced. One of the most revered perhaps is; Just Because am A Woman and I Will Always Love You. They stayed at the top of the charts for quite a long time. In later life, she graduated from country music to pop and has done well in that too.

Although she is a celebrity, her husband remains a very private man who rarely accompanies her to concerts. They recently celebrated their 45th anniversary in 2011 where Dolly said she was sure theirs was the first and the last marriage for both of them. They could be referred to as an ‘example couple’ for other celebrities.

Pros and Cons of Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells

Bayou Adjustable DumbbellsThe best part of technology is that everything gets improved every time, including fitness training equipment. And currently, there are numerous adjustable dumbbell types to choose from. While traditional dumbbells dictated that one had to own an entire weight set to obtain satisfactory training, right now an individual can easily own just one and still enjoy the benefits of a full workout. This simple system is ideal for home workouts as it enjoys a number of features.

All the same, finding out the best deals on Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells will just be what a fitness enthusiast needs to make suitable choices.

Users who carried several researches on a variety of the products come up with a variety of conclusions. Of course every individual has their preferred choice and may view an item differently. Research carried out on selector pin style dumbbells made the following findings:

1- It offered the most durability.
2- Weights could be changed quickly to give a trainee ample time to resume workout.
3- They take up minimal space.
4- They provide up to 5 various weight settings ranging from 5 to 25 pounds each in 5 lbs increments.
5- The handles weight 5 pounds.
6- The dumbbells have chrome-plated metal each with each having a storage tray.
7- All the parts come with a one year warranty.


a)- The heavy duty chrome plated weight is of high quality that is meant to last. This means it does not wear out fast even during rough treatments like when it falls.
b)- The storage tray offers the user an opportunity to set it aside in a corner when it is not in use.
c)- It is fluid resistant, featuring a sleek design.
d)- It is metal plated to last longer unlike plastic.
e)- It is rugged, providing a smooth grip for the hand with the simple handle grip bar.
f)- The weight range is from 10 to 50 pounds. The simple dial twist gives the opportunity to move from 10 to 20 to 50 pounds with a simple twist of a dial.
g)- There is no worry of the plate slipping once the pin is locked into place.


There are not many drawbacks as opposed to the earlier versions of the same.

a)- One has to contend with the noise as it makes clanking sounds when the plates knock against each other during exercise. All the same, the sound can be accommodated and perhaps one could block their ears if it is too much to bear.
b)- They are a little big and therefore rather uncomfortable to hold especially for people with small fingers.
c)- Certain exercises like chest and shoulder presses require lots of care because when they come too close to each other the ends may run into each other.
d)- Since the handles are a little rugged to support the grip, holding them for long may feel uncomfortable. Using gloves is therefore ideal.

Finally, all fitness products must come from reliable dealers, no shortcuts. When shopping for the Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells therefore, always go to a trustworthy store. Safety is paramount during training.

Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After

Leona LewisAlmost overnight, plastic surgery has been popularized by celebrities all over the world. In an industry where talent and good looks are the necessary ingredients for success, it is no wonder that plastic surgery is growing in popularity since that first nose job in the 80′s that transformed Maryline Monroe’s look and catapulted her to fame.

Even though technology and scientific developments have brought more options to the table, celebrities continue to embrace more traditional methods such as rhinoplasty or nose job to enhance their looks. Leona Lewis is one of the celebrities that may or may not have undergone a nose surgery to improve their looks.

Catapult to fame

Leona Lewis came to the limelight when she worn the third season of the X-factor in 2006. Her voice and attractive looks quickly made her a favourite to many watching the show; her popularity has only grown since then especially after the release of her first album. The singer, known for her Bleeding love song, has had different overhauls in the recent past all targeted to improving her already good looks.

Rumours of a plastic surgery procedure

More recently, Leona Lewis name has hit the headlines and not because of her wonderful singing voice; because of her new body. Seemingly slimmer, the star who rocked tight curls now sports straight hair with a deep font fringe in a darker than usual colour making her look amazing. Leona’s spokesperson attributes the new look to the new fashion that Leona is trying to launch in the near future. However, this look has raised a few eyebrows with what seems to be a subtle nose job, which is very difficult to detect.

Reaction to the rumours

Even the rumours have been flying; there have been confirmations from Leona Lewis end. Leona, who is naturally a private person who prefers private stuff to remain private, has not shed any light on the matter. However, her spokesperson has trashed the rumours claiming there is no truth to them and that Leona’s different look is all because of the new hairstyle and make up. True to that, Leona has been sporting some different eye catching outfits said to be part of her collection that will be unveiled soon; the singer does have other talents and has turned to designing.

Can a nose surgery affect her voice?

However, there has been a concern regarding Leona Lewis nose job; specialists say that a nose job will have effects on Leona’s voice and a nose job would be unthinkable on her part. Many fans also feel that Leona does not need a nose job as she is already a real beauty.

Whether the rumours of Leona Lewis nose job are true or not, we are not likely to be reading or hearing of any confessions from the singer/designer. However, one thing we are sure of is that a nose job on this celebrity will not take her into stardom like in Maryline Monroe’s case; she is already a star across the world and only her talent can take her further that she has already gone.

How safe is Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement?

Garcinia cambogia fruitWhen choosing a weight loss supplement, one of the qualities that you have to watch out for is its safety. Some supplements make you feel sick and have headaches thereby preventing you from living your life as should be normal. When you choose a product that has been gotten only from natural sources, you reduce the likelihood of undesired side effects. Garcinia cambogia extract is taken from the rind of the tamarind fruit which grows indigenously in parts of Asia and Africa. Even in these areas, it has been used as a cooking aid where it is favoured for its numerous health benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia extract is proven to provide safe assistance towards shedding those stubborn fats deposited in various parts of the body. This of course is dependent upon the manner in which an individual makes use of the supplement.

The main ingredient in the extract that helps you lose weight is Hydroxycitric Acid. It does its work to bring about weight in loss in a natural way. Usually, the HCA works as a fat blocker; with its inhibition of production of the enzyme citrate lyase which is crucial in formation of fat from calories consumed. It is also an appetite suppressant; which explains why you are advised to take it at least an hour or less before meals. This helps keep a person from eating more than is actually necessary. More about Hydroxycitric Acid from popular website.

There have been numerous scientific researches on the safety of the weight loss supplement. The fact that it is gotten from the rind of a widely used fruit gives it immense advantages. First, it can be used safely by the vegetarians who have to keep away from any products that are comprised of animal products. It is also not shown to bring about such effects as nausea, headaches or even stomach upsets that are seen from the use of other products which are mainly artificial. With some products, the effect is that of addiction. Prolonged use of certain chemicals emanating from addiction can cause immense health challenges.

People who are advised to keep away from the product include those who are pregnant. With the nutritional requirements that the body of a pregnant woman, the effects of taking Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz may be damning. At the same time, the person who may be suffering from ailments like diabetes or hypertension needs to seek the advice of a doctor before venturing out to use the product.

Since dosage of a weight loss pill is ever important, it needs to be known the safe limits of Garcinia Cambogia that need to be consumed each day. Usually, the pills come in 500 or 1000 mg weights. Depending on the weight you need to lose and the level of urgency that you have going about it, you can take anything from 1000-3000mg a day. Exceeding the 3000mg limit could present you with health problems which are better off avoided.

Generally speaking, the product is safe when used correctly. At the same time, you have to ascertain that the product you have purchased is a genuine one. Definitely from the craze surrounding Garcinia Cambogia extract, many companies have sprung up, selling this product. Avoiding scams is also one way of ensuring that you keep safe even when using the product.